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Nursing, Betches.

That’s right, guys. The sass is back in action. It’s 0330 on my night off—> real talk coming atcha.

So, a lot of shit has happened since my last post. Let’s catch up.

I took a new job! SAYYY WHAA?! No typo here. You are reading the blog of a new medicine ICU RN. Suck it, nurse recruitment. I still made it. (If you’re lost by that reference, I’m pretty sure I told you all about being forced into my current position. See that post here.) I start my new job in 2 weeks, right after I return from vacay. That was also not a typo. I finally got some vacation time! Here I come 2 patient load…all day, erryday. Oh, except for when they’re singled.

*Fist bumps self*

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Even though I’m obviously very excited about my new position…my heart is breaking to leave my nursey family. I was able to convince one of my work wives to come with me. So, that’s awesome. But…the closer it gets, the more anxious I get. What if these new people hate me? What if they think I’m dumb? What if I really do turn out to be the stereotypical nurse that my unit produces — according to the rest of the hospital, that is?! FREAKING OUT. Also, it kinda sucks to start allll over again. That means, working all the holidays, more weekend shifts, etc. Let’s stop talking about it. I took this job to get my sanity back. At least, that’s what I thought.

My “new nurse blues” have calmed down a bit. I still sleep a lot. Just a part of night shift, I guess. And, I  don’t find myself getting as angry with the residents. Bless their little hearts. However, I have a sneaky suspicion that come July, my frustration will return. Let’s all just hope that doesn’t happen. For my husband’s sake.

Let’s see, what else is new? Oh, yasss…I’m currently awaiting my acceptance (or denial?) letter for an acute care DNP program. I’m going to go with acceptance. Positivity is the key to life, right? Or some other kind of “Confucius say” shit. Whatevs. I’m supposed to find out sometime this week. Next week by the latest. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I seriously think I’m losing it. (Hello, Rach? Remember nursing school? You cried every.single.day. of second semester. Do you want a repeat? Did you really love having no free time for friends, family, and fun? Then go ahead. Go back to school, but don’t say I didn’t warn ya. Dammit, Taylor! Always there with your catchy lyrics.) Sorry, I had a moment there.

Internet, I hope life is treating you well. To the nursing students who follow my blog…hang in there! The semester is almost over! To those getting ready to graduate, stay strong. You can do it! Let me know what’s up by leaving a comment. I love to hear from you guys!


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RN Orientation. Week 5:

Hot damn.

Learning how to be nurse on paper? Check. I even got a diploma for that!

Learning how to be a nurse in the clinical setting? Holy shitballs, batman. I have no idea what I’m doing!

Now, I’m probably exaggerating. Ok, I’m really exaggerating. Sorta. 😛 I would consider myself relatively well prepared for new graduate nursing practice. I studied really hard in school, actively participated in nursing-related student groups, made the most of every clinical experience, completed a summer externship program, and worked as a nursing care tech. Basically, I did every single thing I could think of that would put me at the advantage in clinical practice post-graduation.

Best decisions I’ve ever made! I’m heading into week 5 of orientation this week. Most of the first weeks consisted of classroom learning and not actual floor nursing. Snooze! I’m good at learning, I’m very novice at bedside practice. I want more time at the bedside! With the start of this week, the classroom time is phasing out and my time at the bedside will be in full swing. I have 11 weeks of orientation left, so the sooner I can get into full-time bedside practice, the better. I thought I was ready, and my coworkers tell me I’m doing great, but I feel like a crazy person running around the unit when I’m working. I’m having an almost constant freakout session in my mind. Orienting to the ICU has been the most overwhelming. The majority of my experience is progressive level, so working in my progressive/acute unit hasn’t been a huge adjustment. Thank you, sweet baby Jesus. My poor nerves couldn’t take much more! The ICU is where I want and love to be, so I’m glad I’m getting to spend the time there that I am.

Everything might not seem so overwhelming…if I still wasn’t trying to digest the fact that I am a real-life RN. No one needs to double check every. single. thing. that I do. The MD can give me a verbal order and I can act accordingly. I can accept a critical value from the lab. I can perform skills and care for my patient without direct supervision. I can cosign drips, titrate drips, and waste controlled substances. I am a nurse. WHAAA?!! It’s so nice to have that independence, yet so hard to let go of that safety net. Is anyone else struggling with this?! I’m really starting to think maybe I’m just neurotic.

Me. All day. Erryday.

On top of everything else, I have online learning modules from the AACN (American Association of Critical-Care Nurses) to complete. These modules assist the new grad with orientation to concepts encountered in critical care nursing. While the idea seems grand, and in an ideal world they would be grand, they are KILLING me. They take hours and hours and hours to complete (Type A perfectionist…must. make. A. on. exam.) and take up almost every single moment of free time I have right now. Not only that, if I don’t complete them, or can’t pass the module, I can lose my job. Awesome. *thumbs up* I thought I was finished with school. Wrong! Sorry, hubs. (Who, by the way, is heartbroken that I have to spend so much time “working”.)

In other news…my next post (hopefully going up very soon!) will be a slight variation from my usual posts. So stay tuned, I think you guys will really like it! I’m always searching for new topics to blog about, so contact me with what you’ve got! My rambling really can’t be that interesting. I think I have turned into a crazy person!


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March 17, 2014 · 7:16 pm



First of all, I feel like I owe all of my ‘blog friends’ one GIGANTIC apology. I completely disappeared. In fact, for a short while, I’m not even sure I existed in human form. I just wondered around like a wisp and pretended to function. I’m certain every single individual who has attempted/survived nursing school has been in a similar state. Well, guess what peeps?! I CAN SEE THE LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL! That’s right, bitches. It’s almost over! FOREVER. 


I might just be a little excited.

I honestly don’t even know where to begin? I haven’t written a post since the end of my very first semester. Wow, how time flies! I have learned so, so much. And I still think that nursing is *totally awesome 90’s kid voice* by far the most awesomest profession, eva! So, let me just give you the down and dirty of everything between then and now. K?

My second semester (Med-surg 2 and Pharm BLAH) was very uneventful really. I just got 2 B’s (which was awesome, because that shat was HARD). I also got married in the middle of that semester. *AWE* Go ahead, it really was sweet. I settled into my teching position pretty quickly and spent the summer working and being married and junk.

My third semester (Peds/OB, Psych, Nursing Research) was also pretty uneventful. Except for psych. Which, don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed, but I could never, ever, ever do that full time. EVER. My Psych professor was AH-MAZ-ZA-ZING. We became instant friends, and she continues to be a great asset to me as I grow and mature in the academics of the nursing profession. I’ve also never seen anyone who was so amazing at their job. Homie was seriously designed to be a psych nurse. Anywho, Nursing Research was the most ridiculous class I’ve taken thus far and the teacher was a total bi-yatch. Good news? I made it through. Shout out to my peds prof too! She’s still got my back, even though we discovered and (thankfully) she totally embraced my complete awkwardness toward kids. EWW. I finished that semester with straight A’s. BOSS LEVEL! We also had to take the HESI this semester. I was in the top 5 highest scores. HELLZ YEAH!

My fourth semester (Med-surg 3, Public Health, Leadership) is the semester I just completed in the Spring. HOT DAMN. Seriously, guys…I’ve never worked my ass off as much as I did this semester. And the worst part? I had a C in Med-surg right up until the very end, but thankfully I was able to get it up to a B! I have never been so stressed out in my life. The professor (who also happened to be my clinical instructor, awesome. *sarcasm*) was, well…I’m pretty sure she was Satan himself. GRRR, just writing this get my BP up. You know what? Let’s just leave this topic alone. I can’t be nice. Public health was a total joke, but leadership? BAHAHAHA. Waste of brain power right there. Again, jumping through the hoops.

Over the summer, I had the chance to play nurse, basically. I was chosen out of hundreds of applicants for one of 45 spots in a summer internship program at the hospital that I tech in. It was by far the most amazing experience in my student nurse career. If you have the opportunity for an intern/externship of any kind, DO NOT PASS IT UP! I learned so much more in one summer than I have in every clinical combined in nursing school. It was insane in the membrane, friends. I loved it!


You are now all caught up! In just 11 short days I will attend my very last first day of undergrad, EVER! I GRADUATE IN DEC! *laser beams, disco ball, confetti* After 6 years, folks…it is FINALLY going to happen. I’m still in shock, really. And, if you’ve made it this far in this post, you’re awesome. Because this is ridiculous. I’m going to try my hardest to update much, much more regularly.


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