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The Verdict is IN!

Remember those reviews I promised? That’s right, they’re finally here! Better late than never, right? You could even look at it this way, everything has now had fair and equal opportunity to prove its worth. (If you’d like to see the original post about the items being reviewed, click here.)

Let’s start with the shoes.

Remember these ugly things?

Friends, I’ll be honest. I wouldn’t give these dreadful things to a pack of starving, stray dogs. They are NOT what they are pumped up to be. They are stiff, hard, hot, and just plain uncomfortable. It’s rather unfortunate that I had to give over $100 to figure that out. Live and learn, I guess. So, I passed them along to someone who really wanted to give them a try and settled for a pair of white, leather AVIAs. They look something like this (just all white, of course! *rolls eyes*):

Even uglier, right?! Go ahead and get over it, because these are SO comfortable! I’m very, very happy (and my feet are too!) that I made the switch! There is no way I could have gone to an 8-9 hour clinical day with those stupid Danskos. -__-

Alright, 1 down…what’s next?  Ah, yes…the watch!

I LOVE THIS WATCH! Sorry, was that too much? This is, by far, the best investment I have made in…a while. It’s super comfy, and adds the perfect amount of personal taste to my otherwise boring uniform. It is made by the company Prestige Medical and I highly recommend it! (For whatever that’s worth. Haha) They come in several colors, too. How fun! 😀

Now for the desk. You see, my desk and I have become great friends. In fact, I’m almost certain that I spent more time with it than I did my fiancé, family, and friends combined. *Raises eyebrow* Anywho, for $60, WOWZA!

I absolutely love this desk! It’s very sturdy, has plenty of storage space, and has the perfect amount of desk top space! The only negative thing I have to say about this desk is: assembly required. Seriously. They weren’t kidding. I could have NEVER put this desk together by myself. NEVER EVER.  It started out as about 2309482309 wooden pieces that were accompanied by vague, almost completely pictorial instructions. Who can put together a 3-dimentional object by looking at a 2-dimentional picture?! C’MON!

Last, but not least, I have to give a little shout-out to my zebra shower curtain. It’s just as glorious as I imagined. ^.^ Well friends, that’s a wrap! If anyone has any specific questions about these items, feel free to ask!

Make sure that you stay tuned, I have plenty of topics to blog about over the break! It’s so hard to decide what to write about first! I hope everyone is having a great week! Only 3 days until Christmas! Did you make the nice list this year? Hehe

– Rach

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Seriously Slacking.

I know, I know, I know! I made a promise that my regular posting schedule would resume. I didn’t lie, I swear! I just didn’t plan for the unexpected! I’ve had some hardcore, disturbing family drama going on and I’ve been distracted. I don’t want to bore you my family skeletons, besides, who wants to listen to someone else’s problems? On to good stuff!

As I last posted, I was approved for my apartment! Just wanted to let you all know it is 100% official now! I put down the deposit last Thursday! Hopefully, they will call me by the end of the week to let me know it’s ready for move-in! I don’t mean to rehash old blog topics, but I’m just super excited about this! 😛

In the midst of my excitement, I’ve been doing some major apartment shopping. As bad as I hate to admit this, I love to spend money! In my defense, who doesn’t?! Here are my latest purchases…

I don’t exactly know why, but I was dying to have this for my bathroom!

I have also been dying to get a new desk for about 2 years now. This is what I settled on. Target Special! 😉

I’ll let you know if I have any recommendations for these items after I’ve actually been able to use them for a while. Fingers crossed that they all fit in my little crayon box of an apartment! 😀 My almost mother-in-law is also giving me the cutest little kitchen table! Ok…shew, enough about that!

While I was out and about apartment shopping, I stopped by The Walking Company and ordered a pair of Dansko Professional shoes for clinicals. Anyone else ever heard of them? I hate having sore, achy feet. These are supposed to prevent that once your arches become accustomed to the super support that they provide.

In my opinion, they are by no means ‘attractive’ (at least not in plain white leather, BLAH). Everyone I know who owns a pair swears by them. I hope I’m not disappointed! My wallet took a major hit for these to be a flop. I also see quite a few of them running around the hospital, so that has to be a good sign.  I’ll try and review these too once I get to test them out. 😉 Hopefully, they will arrive by the end of the week! My uniforms also came in today, but I haven’t decided when/if I’m going to make the drive to pick them up. (A friend of mine offered to get them for me. Maybe I’ll just let him do that!)

I hope that everyone is having a great week and again, I’m sorry for the lack of posting! I have big plans to study and read this week, so prayers for motivation would be greatly appreciated! I would be glad to return the favor!


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