Who is this kid?

Registered Nurse. BSN 2013.

My nursing school journey has come to an end. That’s right nursing students…it’s not a myth. You actually CAN graduate from nursing school! Follow me as I navigate post-grad life and begin my professional career as a RN. I don’t know sh*t. It could be fun?!

What do I like to do?

I like to travel, figure skate, study (yes, I actually like to study!), shop, play softball, eat, hangout with my 2 awesome doggies, surf the ‘net, and watch the occasional t.v. show. My FAVORITE t.v. show is Nurse Jackie. I’m addicted! I also like to watch movies, hangout with my girls, and ride rollercoasters.

What do I not like?

I don’t like bananas. I don’t like when the electricity goes out, there isn’t any hot water left, and when people who aren’t really my friend try to add me on Facebook. I don’t care much for reading fiction, can’t stand it when there isn’t enough toilet paper left to get the job done, OH…and have a great disdain for country music.

Want to know anything else? Just ask!



4 responses to “Who is this kid?

  1. Awesome! Everyone has been telling me to watch Nurse Jackie!! They say I’ll love it! I need to buckle down and do that. Yay for your dislikes, well maybe except the fiction reading;)

    • I’m not discounting all fiction reading here…I’ve done my share. I just don’t have time for fiction reading now! Haha Your blog is hilarious. Thank you. I needed to discover that! 😀

  2. KimberlypsoontobeRN

    Omg you’re hilarious! I swear it’s like you’re in my head typing out all of my thoughts.. I read your blog this morning (for the first time) and thought ” holy sh*tballs I need to know this person – haha. I hope you’re still blogging. Would love to hear more!!

    • Hi Kimberly!

      Thanks for dropping in! I am still blogging….However with night shift, surge pay (aka…WORK, WORK, WORK), and everything in between- it takes longer to post these days. Hell, maybe I should start making this a priority?!! Might help make sense of this madness! Keep checking back, I’ll be posting more shat soon.


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