Nursing, Betches.

That’s right, guys. The sass is back in action. It’s 0330 on my night off—> real talk coming atcha.

So, a lot of shit has happened since my last post. Let’s catch up.

I took a new job! SAYYY WHAA?! No typo here. You are reading the blog of a new medicine ICU RN. Suck it, nurse recruitment. I still made it. (If you’re lost by that reference, I’m pretty sure I told you all about being forced into my current position. See that post here.) I start my new job in 2 weeks, right after I return from vacay. That was also not a typo. I finally got some vacation time! Here I come 2 patient load…all day, erryday. Oh, except for when they’re singled.

*Fist bumps self*

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Even though I’m obviously very excited about my new position…my heart is breaking to leave my nursey family. I was able to convince one of my work wives to come with me. So, that’s awesome. But…the closer it gets, the more anxious I get. What if these new people hate me? What if they think I’m dumb? What if I really do turn out to be the stereotypical nurse that my unit produces — according to the rest of the hospital, that is?! FREAKING OUT. Also, it kinda sucks to start allll over again. That means, working all the holidays, more weekend shifts, etc. Let’s stop talking about it. I took this job to get my sanity back. At least, that’s what I thought.

My “new nurse blues” have calmed down a bit. I still sleep a lot. Just a part of night shift, I guess. And, I  don’t find myself getting as angry with the residents. Bless their little hearts. However, I have a sneaky suspicion that come July, my frustration will return. Let’s all just hope that doesn’t happen. For my husband’s sake.

Let’s see, what else is new? Oh, yasss…I’m currently awaiting my acceptance (or denial?) letter for an acute care DNP program. I’m going to go with acceptance. Positivity is the key to life, right? Or some other kind of “Confucius say” shit. Whatevs. I’m supposed to find out sometime this week. Next week by the latest. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I seriously think I’m losing it. (Hello, Rach? Remember nursing school? You cried of second semester. Do you want a repeat? Did you really love having no free time for friends, family, and fun? Then go ahead. Go back to school, but don’t say I didn’t warn ya. Dammit, Taylor! Always there with your catchy lyrics.) Sorry, I had a moment there.

Internet, I hope life is treating you well. To the nursing students who follow my blog…hang in there! The semester is almost over! To those getting ready to graduate, stay strong. You can do it! Let me know what’s up by leaving a comment. I love to hear from you guys!


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6 responses to “Nursing, Betches.

  1. theheavenlyrose

    Great post! Oh the joys of life after nursing school 😛

  2. Sawyer Flikkema

    Hey, my name is Sawyer and I’m currently a volunteer EMT-B getting ready to start my pre-nursing course work. I’ve still got all 4 years left to go, and I know the academics will be a very intense challenge, but I’m up for it. I have two questions that I’ve been curious about lately-

    1.) Do ER/ICU jobs usually only go to nurses with previous experience? I’m guessing they might require more advanced certifications after you graduate like ACLS, PALS, etc. but I’m just curious if a new RN like I will be in 4 years would even have a shot at an ER position fresh out of school. I already have and continue to gain more emergency medicine experience as an EMT, but obviously RN is a whole other level. Should I lower my expectations to having to start with a different job that is non-critical related first before I can reach my goal of an ER spot?

    2.) How do you go about getting pre-hospital RN certified? I’ve heard of roughly 8 week courses that give RN’s the chance to get a pre-hospital cert. so they can essentially practice in the same capacity as a Paramedic. Is that worth it or does anybody even do that anymore?

    My ultimate goal is critical care flight RN. I know that takes tons of experience and education, but that’s my hope. Thanks.

    • Hi Sawyer!

      I work in a teaching hospital; therefore every ICU in the joint hires new graduate nurses. I was hired into critical care with no prior experience. Same goes for the ER. Of course, in both settings (at least where I work), the ability to stay in that position depends on your success during orientation. I would assume that these standards vary by region and facility, so it may not be the same other places.

      As far as pre-hospital certification goes- you’re asking the wrong person! I have not looked into pre-hospital work. I too wanted to fly, but the more I work and go to school…I’m not sure that’s where I want to go in my career.

      Good luck with nursing school! Glad you found the blog. I’m still amazed that people actually read this shit. 😛

  3. Megara

    Hello Rach,

    First, I love your blog posts and I find your stories very insightful….so thank you for sharing them! Here is my story, I graduated with my BSN last year and I had this year long break till landing a med surg position (life happened). I’m on my 1st week of orientation and I feel super overwhelmed and confused. My anxiety is insane and I feel as if I’ve forgotten about the skill related aspect of nursing…..trach, IVs, etc etc. The meds I need to refresh on that because that’s just my weak spot. I feel confident in my critical thinking abilities….as far as I’m aware. I start my first precepted clinical this Friday and I need some advice from you. I know I’m not dumb…. but this whole orientation process is making me feel like it. I come home and I just couldn’t eat or sleep just thinking about this stuff…I’ve even cried myself to sleep many times now. Do you have any advice for a new grad wreck like myself? Any advise will surely help. Thank you so much Rach 🙂 I wish you the best of luck in the ICU…..i bet you’re one awesome nurse by now considering you’ve written this post since last year.

    PS. Please forgive my bad grammar. I figured this isn’t a report/essay so I just typed away lol

  4. Ema

    OMG! I laughed so hard at your posts! I’m in block 3 and have one more and I am done. I have never been so busy and crazy like I am now. I feel like I’m suffering from ptsd. I can’t wait to see the light at the end of the tunnel! 🙂

  5. Lily

    Feeling that baby nurse blues too. Almost off orientation and I’m freaking out

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