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RN Orientation. Week 1:

Yeahhh, son!

I finally accepted a RN position.

Is it what I wanted?


You can’t win them all.

After getting over the disappointment of not landing my dream job and being forced into a position I didn’t even apply for, I have made up my mind to be happy. Why? Because I have to live with me. Being a new nurse is terrifying. I don’t want to be miserable and terrified. In the position that I accepted, I will have the opportunity to care for ICU, progressive, and acute care patients from all different service lines and specialties throughout the teaching hospital. The unit also cares for floor declines/crashes, ED (admitted) overflow, direct admits, etc.

If you recall, I have worked in this particular hospital for the last 2 years as a pool nursing care tech. Being in the pool allowed me to work in every single unit throughout the entire hospital. Which means, I’ve teched many times in the unit I will be working in as a RN. It also means that I am well aware of the reputation and atmosphere of every unit in the joint. The unit I was forced into has one of the worst reputations in the place. I’ve seen both sides of the coin, and I do believe (in some instances) that this reputation is unfair. The set up of this unit is a hard concept to understand, unless you’ve experienced it. The goal for an acute/progressive pt stay is <30 hrs. For an ICU pt it’s <60. That means on most days, the unit turns over at least half, if not more, of their occupied beds. This creates a hectic environment and the units receiving our patients are never happy. Labs weren’t drawn, orders left uncompleted, no/bad IVs, poor communication, the complaints go on and on. However, I have witnessed the instances where this reputation is fair. I have seen lazy nurses choose to send their patients out like a hot mess with uncompleted orders, dirty briefs/beds, and bad/no IVs. But…there are lazy nurses everywhere. And I refuse to be one of them. Therefore, I have made up my mind to be happy. Maybe I’m the change they need? Or maybe, I’ll just do my 6 months and transfer. Who knows?! Either way, I’m happy.

Orientation started yesterday. I have already been through this junk once, but they are paying me 2x as much this go around. I did get out of a second hospital orientation, which is why you’re getting this blog post. *thumbs up* I am so anxious to get to the floor and start working. It feels like it has been too long. My nursing skills are going to be rusty!

Anyone else starting a new job? Even better… Is anyone starting a job they didn’t exactly want? Or have experiences to share from a nursing job they didn’t really want? I want to hear from you!

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