Rach, BSN, RN.

Wow, typing that title I am in shock. That’s right, folks…I passed the NCLEX! Just found out today, actually. I’m currently stalking my board of nursing’s website for that precious license # followed by RN.

Let’s get down to business — NCLEX.

Prior to graduation, I submitted everything required by my state’s BON (application, fees, NCLEX registration and fees, etc.) so that after graduation, the only thing needed was verification of degree completion. My school fulfilled that requirement about a week and half after my graduation date. I was notified by my BON that everything was complete and I was given my authorization to test (ATT). I immediately logged into the Pearson VUE website to schedule my test date.

Now, I don’t like to drag things out. I am confident in my education and the hours, upon hours, upon hours of hard work I put into preparing for this very occasion. So, I scheduled my NCLEX for the next available date. That put me on a testing date 3 weeks and some change after graduation. My thought process was this…I’m most likely not going to put intense amounts of energy into studying, however, I will most likely put moderate amounts of energy into worrying. Therefore, the most logical thing to do was to just get this sh*t over with.

Just like I had predicted, I didn’t put much effort into studying. Seriously, I’m just over it. I cannot do anymore. My brain cannot hold anymore. For now, anyway. I didn’t study any content. I did <500 practice questions. When my test date came, I just strolled in and took that beast. I’m not going to lie to you. It was HARD. Like, really hard. Way harder than I had expected. I took 75 questions. The majority were…select all that apply. (That will have more meaning to you if you are actually in nursing school) Several times during the exam I thought, “Well, sh*t. I don’t know. *clicks answer* next.” When the exam shut-off after question 75 I was relieved, but in shock. Like, that’s it?! Two and a half years of blood, sweat, and LOTS of tears…FOR THAT?!

I left the testing center and drove home. When I got home, I immediately logged onto the Pearson VUE website to try the Pearson VUE trick (google it). I got the “good pop-up”. “WHAT? Surely this can’t be reliable. This is stupid.”, I thought. Well, here I am, 48 hours later…with a “PASS” result! WOOHOO! I am a RN!

I would be happy to answer any questions about NCLEX that you guys might have, just leave me a comment! If you found this post because you are getting ready to take NCLEX/awaiting results…GOOD LUCK!!!

Now, if only I could get a job…


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**P.S.– I updated the blog name…I guess I can’t write about nursing school forever!


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18 responses to “Rach, BSN, RN.

  1. I felt the exact same way after NCLEX. Really? That’s it? That’s what we’ve been working for all this time? It was bizarre.

    • Right?! It was *almost* a rip off! So. Much. Hard. Work. For *that*?! Wow. I’m still in shock. But, it’s over and I’m a RN. Amazing! I see you’re in neuro! That’s what I was trying to get into…but so far, no luck. It’s a long story. Oh well, we’ll see what happens! Please, visit often! 🙂

  2. ali

    Im about to start my second semester of nursing school tomorrow and I have to say reading your blog put me into tears, happy tears that is. It nice to hear from someone who has graduated from nursing school and to know that with hard work and perseverance, you can achieve. I look forward to more of your blogs. Thank you!

    • Hi, Ali!

      Let me just say— CONGRATULATIONS! You made it to your second semester! Seriously, take a few minutes to think about that. You are one step closer to your goal. You can do this! Don’t give up. Find something that reminds you of the most pure and simple reason that you chose nursing. Let that be your motivation when you have none. And know that when you have no motivation, that’s ok. We’ve all been there. Making the choice to persevere is what separates those who finish, from those who don’t. Breathe. You’ve got this.

      Thanks for visit and commenting on my blog! Please do come back! 🙂

  3. nurseeyeroll

    Woo hoo! Welcome to the club!

  4. Anthony

    Congratulations !!
    I saw your post and I thought I can do it again !!
    I am starting all over from NAR , NAC ,then LPN .RN and BSN

  5. Derrick

    I just took the Nclex….It shut off on me at 75 questions…I got the good pop up…Hope it still works….I don’t know how to feel right now!!!

  6. Sarah

    I got all 265 questions when I tooth the NCLEX yesterday!! It was horrible bc halfway through the test I started getting a bad headache, the earplugs I took out bc they were causing my right ear to hurt like I had an earache, and the testing room was hot (it could have just been me lol)… I had a little bit of everything.. I was so nervous but ready to get the it over. Lots I knew, lots I didn’t.. UGGHH waiting 48 hours to find out is killing me.. Im getting the “good” pop up when trying the trick but I guess I’ll believe it when I see it..

  7. New nurse

    I really need your help!! I just graduated from nursing school. Of course I didnt pay attention to anything they said about things I need to do prior to take nclex ( all the paper works). I was too busy finishing my program (thank god). COuld you please guide me with the steps I need to prior for taking nclex other than studying!!!

    • Hi, New Nurse! I would suggest looking up your state’s board of nursing. They have all the information/forms/whatever else you need to get licensed. I don’t have anything terribly specific, as I don’t know what your state’s requirements are. If the information online seems confusing, you can always call them. Please let me know how it goes! Good luck! Getting all of the paperwork where it needs to go is the hardest part! 🙂

  8. Rachel

    What kind of a nursing student were you? Straight A’s? Barely making it?

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