Just call me Nurse Rach!

What. is. up?! my blog peoples! Once again, I am a bold-faced liar. I didn’t update my blog a single time this past semester. Some things never change. I’ll spare you of the “please forgive me…blah, blah, blah…crap”.

Ok, listen up! I have a HUGE announcement to make: I GRADUATED FROM NURSING SCHOOL! Yes, you heard that right. I graduated! There you have it friends, graduating from nursing school is not a myth. Your day will eventually come, I promise! Now, let’s recap these last few months:

The semester was rather uneventful and boring. Lots and lots of busy work, 2 exams, and an exit HESI. Blah! I was placed on a trauma/surgical progressive care unit for my preceptorship. It wasn’t really my cup of tea, but I think that my preceptor had something to do with that. She was super sweet, but our personalities were just so…different (to put it mildly). I learned a lot of “this is something I most definitely do not want to do and/or be in my personal nursing practice” type stuff. No experience is wasted…at least that is what I told myself going into that mess everyday. I did experience my first “OMG, I just walked in to find my patient…dead. WHAT DO I DO?! CODE, CODE, CODE!!!” That was terrifying to say the least.

Once my preceptorship was over, the rest of the semester was smooth sailing. Just busy work and exams. I killed my exit HESI, so that was awesome. I needed a 67 on my final exam to pass the class. Golden. The final came and went. Many celebratory margaritas were had. Me and best friends were happy. Unbelievably, stress-free, care-free—-happy. It was a wonderful feeling! Then there was pinning. Celebrating our accomplishments with our close friends, loved ones, and beloved professors who all shared in not only our joy and triumph, but pain and sorrow. I could do that day over 1,000 times. And finally…GRADUATION. I had been working toward that single event since I left home 6 years ago. It was the proudest day of my life.

Friends, nursing students, nursing student hopefuls—this is for you— Don’t give up. Whether you ended up at my blog because you’ve hopelessly googled something like “nursing school is too much” or you were searching for insight into the unknown, know this…You are smart, you are strong, and you can meet whatever challenge awaits you. Work for it. Live your dream, not everyone gets that opportunity.


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P.S.— I’m going to address life after graduation (*cough, cough* NCLEX, etc.) in a separate post. Don’t worry…who could ever forget that?!


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7 responses to “Just call me Nurse Rach!

  1. Dawn

    Congratulations! I am just starting my journey in nursing school. I look forward to the day when I can experience your joy!

    • Hi, Dawn!

      Thank you, that’s very kind! Your day will come, I promise! Work hard now…you will be glad you did when you finish! It’s so worth it! Keep in touch!


  2. peter rivero

    Hi. Comgrats on the hesi exit and the nclex. Can you give me some pointers on what you used to pass the hesi exit. Thanks and have a wonderful day

    • Hi Peter!

      I greatly apologize for the lateness in this reply. I assume you’ve taken your exit HESI already? How did it go? If you haven’t, the only advice I really have is to practice those NCLEX style questions. The question topics selected for testing will depend on the curriculum your program covered (at least, that’s how mine was), so I can’t really guide you with any specifics. Good luck!

  3. Amy

    Hi Rachel (and all who read this),

    I stumbled across your blog today….and so glad I did! I had a clinical day in the ED today and while it was a fantastic experience, the nurses were great for the most part, and I got to try out some new skills for the first time, I walked away thinking…how am I supposed to be a graduate nurse by June?!? I felt completely incompetent and it was so disheartening. But there’s lots of nurses in this world, so I know I should be able to make it too. I just need more confidence.

    I’m not really sure I had a question, so much as I just wanted to say thank you for sharing this blog because after reading some of your posts, I am starting to see I’m probably not the only student that feels the way I do but it often feels like it!

    I want to know what you mean by the NCLEX was hard…but I have a bad feeling I already know – all of the above are correct, but what’s your first priority?, or something like that;)

    I’m impressed that you did <500 practice questions (I think thanks what you wrote?), you must have worked really hard throughout school. Congrats, you deserve it, RN!!!

    • Hi Amy!

      Glad you found me! 🙂 Throughout school, I felt incompetent too. I basically learned to “fake” my confidence…really embraced the whole “fake it ’til you make it!!” mentality. And, guess what? When start your first job, fresh out of school, you still don’t feel any different. In fact, on some days, I feel worse. I feel stupid, overwhelmed, disorganized, the list goes on and on. But, guess what else I’m learning?! THAT’S OK! I’m fortunate enough to work with some great people who have been really encouraging when I share my feelings about my progress through orientation. It’s important for you to find that support too. We are all in this together, and (at some point in time) we all started in the same place. But we will work hard and strive toward mastering our profession. We’re nurses! Rolling with the punches is what we do!

      Ok, NCLEX. I took 75 questions and, of those questions, I would say 1/3 were select all that apply. I had questions over diseases I had never heard of, medications I had never heard of, and all kinds of things I had never heard of. Don’t freak out. If I can pass it, anyone can pass it. There were a few questions with very obvious/easy answers. A few. 😛 My best advice is take it as soon as possible. Don’t put it off. I also found it was more helpful to study test taking strategies. The content is so broad, it’s almost a waste of time to study content/systems reviews. But those strategies (mostly kaplan!) were definitely handy! I did do less than 500 questions. And you’re right, I worked extremely hard throughout school. I have a type A, perfectionist personality. Good and bad! 😀 Thank you! Hang in there, sounds like you don’t have much time left! You can do it!

  4. Jackie G

    I just stumbled upon your blog…I’m totally hooked! 🙂 I’m finishing up my third semester (4 semester ASN) and I think my google search was “nursing school and depression” because “nursing school and anxiety” was too obvious. This shit is hard, and I’m raising a toddler so that says a lot! Anyway, thanks for brightening up a sad moment of exhaustion and “IDON’TWANNA” 🙂

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