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Wait, What?!


Here we are…it’s FALL BREAK. That means my very first semester of nursing school is almost complete. I only have 8 weeks of classes left and then finals week. 8 WEEKS. I’m still amazed that everything seems to be flying by so, so fast!

Let’s catch up, shall we? I just finished my 6th clinical day yesterday and, I must say, it is most definitely my favorite day of the week! So much so, that I still haven’t gotten a full night’s rest on a Tuesday since the semester began! I have dc’d a Foley, attempted an IV (She was a really, REALLY hard stick! Everyone had taken a shot to no avail!), hung several maintenance fluids, pushed Toradol, hung a couple piggybacks (ampicillin and vanc), given lots of po meds, administered a sub q injection, helped anchor some Foley’s, and written a boat load of paperwork. EVERY SINGLE SECOND has been FANTASTIC. I’m just as in love with nursing school as I thought I would be! 😀 I hope that everyone else is having just as much fun! The lecture (Med-Surg) that goes along with clinical is rather informative and enjoyable. The first test went well, I got an A! As for Patho and Health Assessment…not so enjoyable. I can’t say they are horrible, and they are informative, but I’m a hands-on learner. It’s just what I would prefer. My first Patho/Health Assessment exams went well also, I walked away with 2 more A’s. Barely. 😛 Oh, and the math test went well, too! I got an A on it as well.

I spend so much time studying, and that definitely isn’t going to change. However, I have slacked off a bit this week just to give myself a break. After Fall break, I have a paper due and 1 exam a week for the next 3 weeks. So, I felt like to avoid burn-out, I just needed to chill with the studying. What kind of days are you guys putting in? I’m sure they are just a crazy!

Sorry for such a short post, after such a long time away, but I FINALLY have home internet access again so the posting will pick back up! (Note to self: don’t ever wait until after classes have started to activate your internet service in a college town. 3 and 1/2 weeks is far too long to be disconnected from the inter web! LOL) Thanks for those of you who are hanging in with me! I’m off to the rink for some far overdue ice time! 😀 😀


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