Meltdown Mode.

I’d started to head in to meltdown mode. My financial aid is all screwed up and of course not in a way as to be beneficial for me. The money I was counting on to pay my rent isn’t coming. I thought I had run out of options, but then I thought about a private student loan. CRISIS AVERTED! I was pre-approved by my loaning institution for the amount that I need. Now, I just have to wait for the school to ‘certify’ the loan. Well, that news lead to me freaking out that they would find some reason to deny my loan. In the midst of my panic, I emailed financial aid and explained my situation. The reply I received brought with it some relief. Apparently, they only certify alternative loans once a week and then it will take a couple of weeks to get the money from my loaning institution. The email was so nonchalant. It sounds like it’s no big deal and that I will be approved with no questions. Fingers crossed that’s exactly what that means. BTW- Does anyone else have this much trouble with FinAid? I swear, if it’s not one thing with them, it’s another!

I actually started working on my reading assignments yesterday. WOW. I have forgotten how hard it is to get back into the swing of sitting down and reading for a couple of hours everyday. Slowly but surely, I’m getting into gear. It’s so hard to not just forget about school during my last 2 weeks of freedom! By the way, let’s see where the official countdown is *Flips to Dashboard*: 1 week and 4 days. Hopefully, during this 1 week and 4 days, I can start organizing for the move, finish up the reading, get my shoes in, pick up my uniform, and actually start the moving process. ARG. When I write it all out, it looks more overwhelming than when I just think about it. 😐

I hope that everyone has had/is having a great Hump Day! Only 2 days until the weekend!


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4 responses to “Meltdown Mode.

  1. OMG. I really am sorry to hear about that financial aid fiasco. But this is not the first time I’ve heard this happen to students. I’m glad you manage to resolve it — thanks goodness.

    I’m also doing my share of reading but thanking my sweet time with it. Hopefully in 2 weeks I’ll get my act together and really get into the swing of things.

    Don’t stress too much, you still have plenty of time 🙂

    Hugs, Gertie

    • Thanks, girl! FinAid has been a pain in my backside this semester! UGH! On the bright side, my loan did finally get approved today! Woohoo!

      I’m still taking my sweet time on all of that reading. LOL I’m far to distracted with bills, moving, etc. Oh well, I’ll get around to it eventually!

      Thanks for the encouragement! It really does help!

      Here’s to the weekend! Hope it’s a good one!


  2. Elaine

    Hello Rach…

    First I just want to congratulate you for getting into a BSN program. I am beginning my last semester of pre-reqs tomorrow and I hope I will be as fortunate as you in getting into a program. As far as financial aid…you are not alone girl. It seems there is always a hang up with it at my school. I just thank God we have access to it. But it can be very frustrating with the nonchalant answers…I agree. Best of luck in your studies and thank you for opening this blog site…I’m sure I will be back with more comments and questions!


    • Elaine,

      Welcome! I’m glad you found my blog. Enjoy your last semester of pre-req’s! I really enjoyed mine, we had a blast! And thank you, I’m very excited! Please do come back and feel free to ask me whatever you’d like.

      I did get my FinAid straightened out. FINALLY. I’m also very fortunate for what aid I do get, I just hate jumping through all of those hoops to get it!

      I hope you’re having a great weekend!


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