Doubts, They’re a Powerful Thing.

I had a great comment from a reader that really sparked the thought process. Marcia wanted to know if I ever doubted my decision to go into the nursing profession. What’s my answer to that? Absolutely. On more than one occasion, in fact.

During my first 3 years at my beloved University, I had no stinkin’ idea what to do with my life. At a mere 17 years old, how could I make a decision with such a deep impact like choosing a life-long career path? Within those first 3 years, I think I tried out about 4 different majors. Nothing gave me a feeling of assurance or satisfaction. I constantly wondered, ” Have I made the right decision?”

None of those majors held my interest enough to be life-long careers. I was scared, confused, and spending a lot of money that I now have to pay back. I decided to take a semester off to really explore my options. That’s when nursing fell into my lap. I accepted a job with a rehab facility, doing mostly aide work, with the intentions of further exploring my ever so slight interest in the nursing profession. When I showed up for orientation, I was absolutely scared out of my mind! What had I DONE? I can’t take care of people! I don’t even do a good job taking care of myself! However, I quickly got over that feeling of terror, and enjoyed the job. That’s when I knew that I was definitely making the right decision. I love helping people in their hour of greatest need. I love being able to be there when no one else is. I love having the opportunity to make a life-long impact and bring joy to otherwise dark times. I love medicine, and technology, and all of the wonderful opportunities that exist for nurses. I LOVE NURSING!

So here I am, getting prepared to start my first clinical semester. I never thought I would see this day come to fruition. Now I actually wake up excited about going school! I love to sit in lecture and ‘play’ in the lab! I’ll even secretly admit that I like most of the reading we’re required to do! But, my doubts have evolved. Now, I often doubt that I will ever be good enough to be the kind of nurse that I really want to be. I doubt that I will ever be able to learn everything that I need to learn and that I will ever reach the level that I want to reach.

How do I deal with these doubts? I start to ask myself questions like, what is it that brought me here? What do I love about nursing? What kind of nurse do I want to be and what kind of job do I want to have? For me, I use thoughts about my dream job (flight nursing!) to answer those questions. Thinking those thoughts really help me regain my focus and refresh my motivation.

Do you ever doubt your decision to pursue nursing? Do you doubt your abilities to be a good nurse? If so, how do you deal with these doubts? Let me know! I hope everyone is having a fantastic and restful Saturday! 🙂


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