Books, and Uniforms, and Homework! Oh My!

My nursing school pals and I decided to team up on the dreaded book hunt to help each other find the best deals. College text books can really put the squeeze on your wallet, but nursing text books take ‘the squeeze’ to a whole new level! Luckily for me, I kept 5 out of the 7 that we were required to purchase last semester. Why does that make me lucky? Because all 5 of those textbooks are required again this semester! WOOHOO! Unfortunately, I still have to purchase a few for the upcoming semester. In fact, I already purchased my med-surg book(s). I do have some reading to get done. BLAH! Including the med-surg book, I should only have to spend about $300.00 to get what I need. Up until this last semester, I rented my books. That helped me save a ton of money! The best, and I mean BEST, place to get textbooks is Chegg. I have saved SO MUCH MONEY through these guys! Not to mention, the customer service is excellent and they plant a tree every time you make a purchase. 🙂 I mean, it must be good if I’m willing to brag about it and they aren’t even paying me, right?! Does anyone already have all of their books, if so, where do you get them? I feel like I should have them all, since I do already have homework, but I just don’t want to go that far yet. There’s still just a tiny bit of summer hanging on!

Moving on…

You all already know about my uniform situation, but plans on when and where to meet have been finalized with my peeps and all systems are go! I’m rather relieved that our uniform expenses aren’t as outrageous as our other required items. *Cough, cough* $15 dollar NAME TAG! I still can’t manage to get over that one. And then there’s the homework. I’m on summer vacation and I have homework! My new friend Gertie (HOLLA! :P) posted a DA–Dimensional Analysis–problem and asked for my two cents…lets just say that it took me a little while to find my bearings! It was a good wake up call that I need to dust of the ol’ brain and get to studying! Thanks for that little kick in the tush, Gertie!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic week!


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2 responses to “Books, and Uniforms, and Homework! Oh My!

  1. Oooo, I’m going to have to look into Chegg! I start my Nursing journey next week & I have yet to purchase a book. I wanted to buy them all ahead of time & get started early, but summer took a front seat. Oh well, gotta enjoy the freedom while I can, right? 🙂

    • Hope that Chegg was helpful! How is your nursing journey going?! I would assume it’s just as crazy as my own! I hope all is well, and let me know how things are going for you!

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